Stress Free Program (Recognition of Sub-healthy state, Office Stress Management, Pain relief)



What are the sign and symptoms of an overactive response to stress?



Joint pain (neck pain, low back pain)

Insomnia (poor sleep quality)

Low energy and very tired

High blood pressure/heart palpitation

Weight gain/craving sweet

Anger or mood swing


How we successfully treatment stress? 

Our center integrates chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, natural herbal medicine and nutritional supplement, breathing exercise/Tai Qi that has become so effective in handling stress issue. Customized designed music therapy helps you let go of emotional stress and bring peace, love and fulfillment in your life.  This treatment also helps you awaken your five senses (vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch) and expand your awareness of your essential eternal nature through the deepest relaxation.

Why can chiropractic adjustment relieve stress? 

Chiropractic adjustment can help you manage your physical and mental stresses.

First, your body muscle and joint tension build up from daily over work-load, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and stressful  relationships, and eventually that result in pain in various parts of the body. Chiropractic adjustment is a hand-on manual technique that directly correct and re-align the spine, ease muscle tension, and then literal physical stress on the body is reduced.

Secondly, chiropractic focuses on the spine, which is the root of the nervous system. When the spine is aligned, the central nervous system is unblocked and can function effectively. This means that your mind can think clearly, messages are sent and received with precision, and the mental stress placed on you is reduced as well.

How often should you come for treatment? 

While even 1 session can certainly do your body some good, the best way is to go regularly. Seeing a chiropractor once a week, once every 2 weeks, or even once a month can eliminate stress and then keep it under control.


How does acupuncture help with stress? 

There are acupuncture points all over the body that aid at reducing stress. Many studies have showed that acupuncture reduce pain by increasing the secretion of endorphin and serotonin, which are the pain relief hormone  from the brain.

Acupuncture and natural herbal medicine not only can help alleviate signs and symptoms of stress, they can address the root causes and underlying imbalances of the organ systems that have contributed to the problem.

Stress Free Program includes:

  • Acupuncture: Meridian energy cultivation
  • Relaxation masage
  • Emotional freedom: meditation, Body/Mind Relaxation therapy, Tai Chi exercise
  • Herbal and supplement
  • Oriental healing music therapy