I couldn’t see my life without my Dr. Wu!

I have known Dr. Manli Wu for about 13 years. I first met Dr. Wu when she was a clinician in SCUHS-University Health Center. She treated me for anxiety, panic attacks and digestive system. She was amazing! For my wedding, she put beads on my ears for my anxiety. (see photo)

When Dr. Wu informed of her departure from the health center to start she own private practice, I told her would follow her wherever she went ….and so I did.

Since then, Dr. Wu has treated me for other issues, such as sprained ankle, sore back, shoulders and even hormones. Every time I see her… I feel great!

I couldn’t see my life without my Dr. Wu! She is always there for me when I need her. She can diagnose me by the look on my face. She knows exactly how to make me feel better. And now that I am married with 2 children, I bring them to Dr. Wu too.

Dr. Wu first treated my daughter when my daughter was 8 months old, after I found out that she had eczema, asthma, and allergies. After my son was born, she treated him for his bad coughs. Now, I bring them to Dr. Wu to maintain annual acupoint treatments and herbs, to build their immune system for the flu season, allergies, etc.. (see photo) She also helps my husband with his sore shoulders and lungs.

My kids love Dr. Wu and only know her as, “Our Dr. Wu”. She is not only a doctor, she has become our friend. I am so honored to be one of her long lasting patients and proud of her 10 year anniversary of her practice. She is not only kind, caring, smart and amazing! She will help you feel better!

-M. Christina Moreno-Donato