My irregular heartbeat is normal now

Have you ever experienced your heart beating so fast or pumping so slow that you can’t even breathe? I have. It’s scary. Have you ever woken up in the morning and found all ten of your finger tips swollen like red balls? I have. It’s not fun. In the spring of 2010, I experienced all these episodess with no clue what was happening  to me or what I should do to fix it. So I visited the emergency room in the hospital and got strapped to a heart monitor for hours but still got sent home without any answers. Even after seeking help from heart specialists and going through numerous tests, all they were able to tell me was that my heart will sometimes skip a beat. And because there isn’t any sort of medicine that can cure a fast and slow running heart, they said they could give me a pacemaker. When I heard that, I started to feel helpless. Throughout this all, I even tried Eastern herbs but it wasn’t helping quickly enough since taking herbs usually takes more time. Thankfully, my sister Shelley Ying told me about Dr. Manli Wu at the Walnut Health Center. I won’t lie, at first I was scared. Needles? Acupuncture? I’ve never tried it before! Plus, it was so far from my home and since it’s hard to drive on the freeway with my heart condition, I didn’t make the phone call Dr. Wu yet. But things got worse and there were some nights when I couldn’t sleep laying down so I would have to sit up and wait until I exhausted myself and felt so tired that I would fall asleep sitting up. I know I needed help

So on 5/26/2010, I went to see Dr. Wu for the first time and her diagnosis was the same as my heart specialist: my heart will skip beats. But instead of suggesting a pacemaker, she calmly told me that I will need ten treatments of acupuncture from her to get better. But amazingly, after two treatments, my irregular heartbeat was already getting better. And after finishing the ten treatments, I felt completely normal!

After those sessions, Dr. Wu told me that I didn’t have to come regularly any more but I insisted on doing another ten treatments. Dr. Wu has previously suggested that losing weight and getting in better overall health would help my heart condition, so I wanted these next ten treatments to focus on losing weight. And after going through those treatments and eating a healthy diet suggested by Dr. Wu, I lost about 18 pounds and felt even better!

With Dr. Wu’s help and care, I honestly have become a brand new person. I’m able to live a better quality of life and am able to travel all over the world knowing that no matter how far I go, I can always come back to Dr. Wu and be taken care of with any issues that might develop.

This is my story. I am so thankful that I have met Dr. Wu, and I am so thankful that because of her treatment, I can now live a better life for many many more years to come ?


Joyce CHAN

Cerritos, Ca

Real Estate management