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Local Newspaper Weekly News  -“Feature story of Walnut Natural Health Center”

 By Shannon Higgins

Walnut – With everything ‘going green’ and more natural lately, why not try a natural alternative to standard medicine? Walnut Natural Health Center is an ideal place for people looking for natural ways to enhance their health instead of medication.

“Unlike allopathic medicine, which attempts to isolate and separate a disease from a person, we emphasize a holistic approach that treats the whole body,” Dr. Manli Wu explained of her center. “Most of our patients have found that their condition improved after the very first treatment.”

Walnut Natural Health Center doesn’t just treat symptoms, but looks to alleviate the cause of any disease or ailment. “We don’t just treat the symptoms, we have found the most effective and comprehensive system that helps us detect the cause of the problem, and provide personalized healing programs,” Dr. Wu said.

So what do they do at Walnut Natural Health Center?  Anything from acupuncture to Tai Chi. “This expert team creates an environment that embodies the essence of healing, provides alternative medicine consultations, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition response testing, therapeutic body massage, health workshops and Tai Chi exercise training courses,” Dr.Wu said.

There is also a variety of health enhancing programs, including Dr. Wu’s weight loss program, acupoint herbal treatment, cleaning-detoxify intensive program and stress management techniques designed to maintain optimum health and prevent illness.

 “Nowadays, there is a health concern that people in America live longer, but not healthier,” Dr. Wu said. “We believe that alternative medicine, like chiropractic, acupuncture, along with herbal therapy, meridian massage and nutrition are the key tools to wellness.”

While some may be apprehensive to trying this alternative to standard medicine, Dr. Wu and her staff  have years of experience and can alleviate and anxieties you may have.

“I created Walnut Natural Health Center and brought together the talents of a number of professionals in the complementary and alternative medicine fields,” Wu said. “Many people are initially afraid of needles, but from my 10+ years of experience, not a single patient has ever told me acupuncture is painful after they received my treatment”.

Dr. Wu has been practicing acupuncture and alternative medicine since 1996. She is a licensed acupuncturist, chiropractor, certified herbalist and an assistant professor at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

But all the experience in the world doesn’t matter if a doctor lacks a passion for his profession and patients. Dr. Wu was born into a medical family and love helping people feel better.

“I come from a long line of oriental medicine doctors,” Dr. Wu said. “My passion about what I am doing comes from seeing patients get better from a wide range of symptoms and sufferings (including many conditions that are considered untreatable with Western medicine) with alternative natural medicine.”

Currently, Walnut Natural Health Center is offering a special promotion of 20 percent off your initial consultation and combined treatment acupuncture and chiropractic (value $120) until Dec. 31.

Walnut Natural Health Center is located at 18710 Amar Road, Suite C in Walnut, 91789. For more information or to schedule and appointment, call (626) 839-8578.